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Lola Zhang's Entry 2020

Lola Zhang's Entry 2020

Lola Yiting Zhang
by lolazhang on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Lola Zhang's Entry 2020

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This world is set in an alternative Victorian era, a global catastrophe caused another creature fleeing from their subterranean home and seek new life on the surface. Expelled from their home, now they must find another way to survive and prosper.

---A re-imagining of the world of District 9

Surviving on the wasteland and slowly revive their own culture. The creature started to transform the landscape with their own twist.

I: Basic shape language exploration for the main structures 

II: Callout design explorations

spawning chamber (abandoned water well)

A 120 feet deep drilling well, transformed by the prawns as their main spawning chamber. Filled by a slimy substance secreted by the creature, the underground well walls are 10f warmer than the ground.

The prawn lay their eggs near the polluted water source, and the substance will purify the water for the egg in order for them to mature.

Slum (Infested Oil Well)

After being expelled to an abandoned oil field, the prawns made the abandoned oil well their home. The white organic substance is formed by oxidized remains of the long dead creatures. Those substance was then used by the same creature for structural strengthening. 

Slaughterhouse (disused colliery)

With no stable harvest of food, the prawns transformed a disused colliery into their slaughterhouse. Utilizing the rail transporting infrastructure, they transport whales that unfortunately stranded on land to the slaughterhouse, then dissects them and distribute the remains. 

Gangster Hideout (abandoned chapel)

Modified with scraps from trains and other machines, this abandoned chapel is used for defense and water storage. It is only occupied by those who ranks high on the social hierarchy, and only 1-3 prawns can live inside this place. 

III: B&W comp/mood exploration

the Slum Area B_01 

the Slum Area_border

Abandoned Water Well_Entrance

Abandoned Water Well_Spawning Chamber

Slaughterhouse (abandoned Coal mine)

The Legend of King Arthur project

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