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by cyinuo, dvason, jan300100, and ohdeer on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

OhCrab! Is a 1v1 couch game where you are a crab trying to protect your pearl. The tide is coming! Will you be the last pearl standing?

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OhCrab! A PvP game where you play against a friend and try to defend your pearl from the sea longer then your enemy.

Build sandcastles, gather sand, and lure seagulls to sabotage your opponent and preserve your own pearl.

If you want to play the game, go the our and download it!

Headsup: you do need controllers to play the game.

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Gameplay Elements

Digging and placing sand strategically is key: the tides will fill in any holes or canals in the sand, flattening the beach again. Players can use this to lead water away from their castles, or sabotage other players by leading water towards their pearl.

Players can find intractable objects under the sand by digging, these are used for a variety of things (like placing sandcastles build from sand molds).
Build sandcastles to create a stronger line of defense against the tide.

When the water hits your castle, the castle loses health and sinks down, eventually these will run out of health and stop protecting their pearl.

Game Development Progress

Our team

David Väson
Artist ● Rookies - Artstation - Twitter - LinkedIn

Yinuo Chen
Artist ● Artstation

Sana Almusalli
Artist ● Artstation

Jan Werbrouck

Neil De Hert
Programmer ● LinkedIn

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