Jan-Allen Cauton Project Compilation

Jan-Allen Cauton Project Compilation

Jan-Allen Cauton
by nellanaj on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This entry is a compilation of the three character projects I've completed while attending Gnomon. This entry starts with my most recent game ready character project and ends with my first full character sculpt

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Master DoorKeeper

This is a project I worked on for my Narrative Structure class at Gnomon. The character was made for a short game we made for that class and was meant to be interacted with by the player. This character is based on the Master Doorkeeper from the A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin, but the concept and design is original.

Character Sheet


Close Ups


Polycount: I tried to reduce polycount where I could. However the hair required a lot more tri's for the character to look right.

Hair was composed of four layers. The first layers blocked out the shape of the hair and had the least transparency so there wouldn't be any sorting issues and I reserved the last layer for flyaway and single hairs.


Desert Bandit

This was my first full game ready character. Because I initially only finished the top half, this character has 10 texture sets. In other words, 5 texture sets per half. The character is based on a concept by Yihuan Zheng. One thing I shot for with this character was to emulate the Overwatch style. Most of the character's textures were hand painted, this was the most fun aspect of the project.

Polycount: 60577 Tri's

Concept by Yihuan Zheng

Character sheet

Close ups


Deer Woman

This character was my first complete character sculpt. It is just the high poly sculpt and the texture painting was done with vertex colors. I then rendered the sculpt in Keyshot


Concept by Pauline Voss

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