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My 3D Characters and Concept Art

My 3D Characters and Concept Art

Gia Han Lam
by giahanlam on 1 Jun 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hello! This is my entry for the Rookies this year! Since I love both 3D (Character) Art and 2D Concept Art and Illustration, I decided to add a mix of both! In the future I am working towards becoming a Character Artist. Thank you for checking it out!

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Red Warrior

My most recent and first full body character sculpt! Based on the wonderful design by Hou China.

I mainly tried to focus on sculpting clean assets with enough detail, and improving skin texturing in Substance Painter for the tattoo design. This project was sculpted and rendered in Zbrush with Zbrush materials, except for the skin which was made in Substance.

To speed up the workflow I started off a female lowpoly bodymesh made by Vincent Menier.

Based of Hou China's multiple illustrations I made a simple greyscale blockout first. After receiving feedback I improved the areas such as the face and hair and then moved on to the texturing.

For the clothes and armor I used real life references and had a few 3D Character artist examples which I really admire to work towards to as a goal.

Hunter's Edge

The first bust sculpt I made inspired by the Destiny's Hunter Class. I made a rough 2D design to make sure everything would work in 3D. The helmet in particuliar was challenging to get right as it has many organic shapes. Most of the assets were modeled in 3DS max first and sculpted on in Zbrush afterwards.

As I made the sculpt based on my own design it was interesting to see how some shapes work very well in 2D but require some problem solving to translate into 3D.

A overview of the references I used and the progress of the design.

Valorant Phoenix

A fanart sculpt I'm currently working on! I based my sculpt on Suke's promotional illustration of Phoenix to practice a more stylized look compared to the 3D model that is used in game.

This is the high poly version, my end goal would be to fully retopo and texture it in Substance.

Howl's Camp

A small diorama I sculpted based on my favourite Ghibli movie Howl's Moving Castle, I imagined what Howl's resting place would be like! Including Calcifer ofcourse.

Most assets were based upon artworks from the movie itself, however I did recreate some artworks by some amazing artists too, more specifically:

The frying pan based on the artwork by Betty Jiang

The stone stove based on the artwork by Egor Belavsky

The magic book based on the artwork by Lín Álfsdóttir 

Turn on the music for some extra atmosphere!

Pip's Home

This little fellow is called Pip and a character of a personal story I am currently working on. I made the concept art for it a little while ago along with some world building illustration, and thought it would be fun to bring him to life in 3D.

This was my first time going through the whole character workflow, from sculpting in Zbrush to retopo and texturing in Substance Painter, it was a good learning experience!

My concept art for the sculpt, it was fun to combine both 2D & 3D!

A progress overview of how I did the illustration for Pip

Serpent's Blade

A low poly hand painted model I made in the style of World of Warcraft.

Concept Art and Illustrations

I tend to drift a lot between 2D and 3D so here are a few of my concept arts I made!

After the Flood - an Illustration based upon a scene where we find an abandoned church a few years after a flood.

High up in the Sky - An illustration and designs I made for a dragon stable above the clouds!

Fan Arts

Fan art has been a big motivation for me to improve art wise so here are some of my favourite works!

Thank you for looking!

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