Concept Art Entry

Concept Art Entry

Francisco Heatley
by franciscoheatley on 22 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is my entry for the concept art category made up of various works done in my own time and whilst in university. These works are various in subject matter as I wanted to show the different range of work that I can create. The work Is order of recent changes and edits to them.

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Portrait Studies

Here is some recent portrait study work that I have done to refine my rendering skills as well as understanding of portraiture, looking into the key areas of lighting and values etc.

This is some of the study work that I built up towards my black and work studies, the focus of this work was various different elements all under the limit of a portrait a day over the course of seven days. The subjects of the portraits are models and friends that I was using as subject matter. 

Fiddlesticks Rework

This was a university project in which we had to create our own interpretation to Fiddlesticks redesign before the league official release. This was all purely fan art and showed my own interpretation of how I feel fiddlesticks should be presented. I wanted to create him as nightmarish as possible in design and make him look foreboding. Alongside this and some iterative work that went into it I also created a deep-sea skin which would work alongside him. This also had the focus of making him scary and focuses on his lore of being nightmarish in nature. All the work as you can see here is purely fan art.

City Port

These are some mood paintings which I generated for a university project in which we had to create our own city port with its own lore etc. For my city port I wanted to create some form of floating city with a mix of future and past tech. Alongside these mood paintings I also created some iterations and a photo bash of what it could potentially look like.

Magic the Gathering Cards

For another university project we had to generate some different magic the gathering cards a reanimated golem, plague hammer, and hymn of salvation. These cards were fun to paint and research to show my own interpretations of what the cards could be, alongside some silhouette work card designs. Disclaimer all work here is magic the gathering fan art and purely fan art.

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