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Classroom Catastrophe

Classroom Catastrophe

Joseph Risley
by Benjamin Keogh, adamcgd, elliotgamesdesign, josephcgd, korneliapotoczek22, and thalcgd on 22 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Classroom Catastrophe is a single player, isometric, strategy game - Receive and complete dares from fellow classmates while they keep constant cameras on you! Watch as your Likes rise and fall, and make sure you don't get caught by the teacher!

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Hello, we are a small team of six students studying a level 3 course at Priestley college games design, Warrington, UK. This project has been has been created as part of our second and final year at Priestley college, much of this project was created during the COVID-19 lockdown, which may have slightly effected the outcome.

listed below in no particular order are the members who worked on this project - 

Benjamin Keogh - Programming and GFX (TEAM LEAD)

Adam Beckett - Modelling (PROGRESS MANAGEMENT)

Thalia Thompson - Modelling, Audio and GFX (TEAM SUPPORT)

Joseph Risley - Modelling and UI Design

Elliot Nisbet - Animation, UI and Art

Kornelia Potoczek - Animation and Art

The game is called Classroom Catastrophe, an isometric, strategy game, you will be sent dares from a fellow classmate, tasking you do do things such as stealing someones hat whilst avoiding the teachers gaze by hiding under tables or at your seat, completing tasks or managing to avoid the teacher when they scan the room will award you with likes (points), and being seen by the teacher will subtract likes from your score.

Below you will see a short game trailer.

The game follows a very blocky low poly look, along with a simple colour scheme, thanks to this we didn't spend much time in the blockout process. The models for the game were created very early on in development as to insure we had enough time to work on the games code.

Below is a early design of the game, the game takes place in a stereotypical computer classroom, and much of the layout was taken for our own room.

below are the UI designs for the main and pause menu created, they are supposed to resemble a whiteboard 

Main menu is on the left and the pause menu is on the right.

As development continued more UI elements and pieces of decoration for the classroom were created,

 Below are some different UI elements and bits of decoration for the classroom

Later the levels appearance was updated, adding more decoration to the classroom along with implemented the first task of stealing a students hat.

Students and a teacher were also added, the player being green, teacher red and the rest of the students blue.

as well as this an animation was added to the start of the game sowing the students entering the classroom 

again the classroom was updated to the finalized design you see below

below is a video walk through of the completed game

Below are some pieces of promotional art created after the game was finished

If you wish to try the game your self you can follow this link to and download the game -

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