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Sculptors' Courtyard

Sculptors' Courtyard

Sculptors' Courtyard captures the life and environment of art students in the late 19th century. The project takes place in Mondragon's Palace, Southern-Spain. Realistic game environment in Unreal engine 4.

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Cinematic work by Urim Osmani.

The environment:

Late 19th Century, Spain. The royal palace of Mondragón, built in the 14th century, is now home of an art school. The sculptors live there and they're using the courtyard to master their craft. The environment is filled with their artworks, tools and materials while full of lush foliage and overlooks the breathtaking vista of Spanish countryside.

Sculptor's Courtyard is our last group project at Escape Studios, London and was mentored by Simon Payne and Andrew Oakley from Creative Assembly. Our aim was to create a lush, bright environment that's based on strong architectural references and filled with diegetic storytelling.

The project took 12 weeks in total with a team of 9.

Progression shots:

Some of our references from the artbible:

Asset examples:

Statue of Sunna by Viktor Pecsi

Roman Bust by Viktor Pecsi

Stool by Adrian Cluskey

Clematis by Hannah Clark

Ornate Table by Josef Russell

Vista progression by Urim Osmani

Lighting by Willow Sorour

Moroccan fountain back-plate by Shay Payne

Team Members:

Viktor Pecsi - Art Director / Environment / Props / Materials / Producing 

Hannah Clark - Foliage / VFX / Environment / Props / Materials 

Willow Sorour - Lighting / VFX / Props / Producing 

Urim Osmani - Environment / Props / Audio / Cinematics

Sapphire Taylor - Foliage / Props / Producing 

Shay Payne - Materials / Environment / Props 

Adrian Cluskey - Environment / Props 

Josef Russell - Props 

Laina Sandford - VFX / Props 

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