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Nathan Thorman - 2020 Concept Art Portfolio

Nathan Thorman - 2020 Concept Art Portfolio

Nate Thorman
by natethorman on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Currently a student of VFX and Entertainment Design at Flinders University / CDW Studios. I specialize in environment design and world-building with a 3D heavy workflow. My goal is to become a concept artist for games and film.

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Hello, my name is Nate and I am a student of Visual Effects and Entertainment Design at CDW Studios / Flinders University.

The following images are a showcase of my most recent Concept Design work for video games and film.


Precursors is a 3rd person rpg shooter that follows our protagonist (a space cowboy and treasure hunter) throughout the galaxy and to alien planets in search of riches but along the way, he gets caught up in a larger plot where he must fight to save the galaxy.

BloodPath: A Vagrant's Tale

BloodPath is a set of works based on a D&D campaign that I run with a group of friends.

Since DMing and prep work for sessions takes quite a lot of time it is always something that is in the back of my mind and I wanted to see the world that my friends and I had built together turned into something more tangible.

The following images take place in and around the Red Keep Dungeons in the capital city of Sanctuary, through these images I wanted to flesh out a "Starting Zone" for a video game where players would need to escape the city dungeons.

Character Design Work

Set in an alternate 1920's England, scientists are making breakthroughs with mechanical technologies. Industry is at a golden age but it is being achieved by compulsory labour laws that leave the common worker with long hours and little to no pay. Workers are fed up and the Bolton Gang ensures crime spreads like a plague. With no way of controlling the masses the local police force has commissioned Ivar Von Balovich (a renowned scientist and engineer) in secret to create a mechanical super-soldier and has been given free rein to experiment however he sees fit. The experiments go horribly wrong however and now a biomechanical monstrosity is on the loose.


Sanctuary, the last civilized stronghold. Governed by martial law it is a safe haven for those who obey.

The Hideout

In the wreckage of a train carriage, a relic of the old world, the last few rebels scheme on how they will overthrow a tyrant.

Tul'Drukar: The Orc Stronghold

Deep within the forest of the narrow valley lies the ruins of the Tul'Drukar stronghold. Once a safe haven from the dangers of the forest, it is now inhabited by a band of orcish warge tamers.

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