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Path of the Sramana

Path of the Sramana

Mayenna Sophie Plastow-Smed
by mayennasophie on 2 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

‘Path of the Sramana’ is a fantasy platformer game, following a young shaman journeying through the spirit realm, as she searches for her father’s soul.

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Path of the Sramana

This game was created by a team of 10 students as a collaboration between the Animation Workshop, VIA University College, and Sonic College, over a period of nine months.

"When her father’s soul does not return to his body after his last shamanic journey, Dávdna ventures into the spirit realm to find him.

As she makes her way through the mystical landscape, she meets various spirits who help and guide her.

Eventually, she stumbles upon a strange sickness, known as the Corruption, spreading through the realm. This Corruption and the path towards her father’s soul appear to be intertwined. As she travels deeper, the truth reveals itself.

Game Trailer

Game Stills

Here are some screenshots from the first cinematic and gameplay of our game.

Path of the Sramana - Opening Cinematic

Game Extracts

Here are a couple of clips from in the game.

Making of - Game Levels

We created our game in unity, using the standard technique of blocking out levels with greyboxing and then using our modular 2D assets to gradually create the game environments. Here is a little process video.

Here are some of the 2D assets that were concepted and created for our game, an example of our prefab workflow, and the final assets in-game.

Here is a little snippet of our Technical Director Nikola Enchev's making of reel, where he talks about managing shaders and post processing for our game in Unity.

UI Design

Art Director Aske Hare Kaagaard spent a bit of time concepting our UIs and Menus, to try and make sure that the game to player communication was efficient.
Here are his concepts.

Making of - Cinematics

We created our cinematics using motion illustration techniques. This meant that we painted layered illustrations in Photoshop, composited them in After Effects, and edited the final cuts in Premiere Pro. It was very much like making a highly detailed animatic with layouts.

Here are a couple of making of examples from our Cinematics:

Story Direction and World Building

To define the tone of the game, the world in which it was placed, and the game story, Director Mayenna Sophie created a project bible and story graphs in the beginning of pre-production.

The images used in the project bible are references that were created by other artists and projects that we admire, and other inspirational references that we found whilst researching the project.

Concept Art

As we had a lot of students in the group who were concept artists, we of course ended up creating a lot of concept art for this project. It would be a shame not to share it, so here it is!

The Path Team!

Of course, a game wouldn't exist without the team behind it.
Path of the Sramana was made by:

Mayenna Sophie Plastow-Smed - Director / World Builder / Concept Artist / Illustrator
Monica Antonie Meineche - Concept Artist / Illustrator / Production Manager / Animator
Aske Hare Kaagaard - Art Director / Concept Artist / Illustrator
Nikola Emilov Enchev - Game Technical Director / Level Designer / Pipeline Manager
Konsta Nikkilä - Concept Artist / Illustrator
Malik Sigrist - Cinematics Technical Director / Concept Artist / Illustrator
Dmitri Belogurov - Software Developer
Stela Brziakova - Software Developer
Andreas Liboriussen - Music and Sound Designer
Lukas Julian Lentz - Music and Sound Designer

Thanks for viewing our project!

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