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The Rebirth of  a Civilization
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The Rebirth of a Civilization

A matte- painting of a forgotten secret city hidden deep in the jungle lost for all mankind, until it's unlikely discovery by an endangered tribe.

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Update - 1 May 2020

Deep in the jungle, through the hazy mist and the desolate mountains lay the ancient city waiting for its rediscovery. A once great polis swallowed by the labyrinthine jungle, leaving only ruins  interspersed throughout. Until one stormy day a local tribe fleeing from their invaded homeland stumbles on its remains during their hour of need. It's discovery not only reviving a people but the remnants of an ancient civilization. 

The key frame shows the tribe after it has discovered this forgotten city. 

Shown above is the process from block-out to final paint-over. 

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Update - 28 Apr 2020

The Forgotten Temple

After hundreds of years a local tribe has returned to its ancestral roots deep in the amazon jungle. 

I began by photobashing and painting a quick composition thumbnail after which I moved into 3ds Max to block out the main architecture and foliage geometry. I began matte painting after rendering the base with a standard material.