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Game FX

Game FX

John SA
by jsagamefx on 9 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Real time game effects made in Unreal Engine 4. Fantasy MMORPG. (More details below)

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Using Unreal Engine 4 to create effects that interacts with the playable character through Blueprints, or

character special abilities attached to the character's animation.

Creating customizable shaders using node based Material Editor in the game engine to change the look of the effect.

Using the engine's cinematic editor called Level Sequence for cutscenes or rendering videos.

Creating meshes in Maya and textures in Photoshop to be used in 3D effects.

Flipbook textures made in Photoshop and Houdini for 2D effects.

Normal map and vertex animation.

Vector fields made in Maya and Houdini.

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