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3D Environments & Props

3D Environments & Props

Yinuo Chen
by cyinuo on 28 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi! I am a second-year student studying at DAE, and this is a collection of works I made in the past year that I am most proud of. I enjoy making assets and environments in both stylized and realistic styles - and I hope this submission will reflect my capabilities in both.

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Barbershop Pirates

The first project that I'd like to present to you is Barbershop Pirates, an environment I made from a concept art by Joakim Ericsson

I am completely in love with this project because it allowed me to explore procedural ways to create environments, by creating scripts that helped me through the process. 

I created a script that generated slum-looking buildings for me in Maya: you give it some meshes to use and tag them with certain rules, and it will generate houses for you. You can change the probabilities, and regenerate as you wish. I had so much fun creating this script because I was able to identify issues I had with the script while using them and then make the script better that way - now it is something I am very proud of!

I also made scripts within Unreal so I didn't have to do any tedious tasks. I made a script that generated cables, copies materials from one mesh to another, and spawning decals on locators.

Living Room Archviz Scene

This is an Archviz scene made using baked lighting in Unreal, it was a really fun process because I was able to experiment with bounce light, gain more knowledge about how light works in Unreal, and also channel my cravings to play The Sims 4. Most of the assets were downloaded from online.


Another project that I am super proud of is my sci-fi spaceship station that I made for an assignment at DAE. I like this project particularly much because it was really scary when we first got the assignment, but it ended up being totally doable and very rewarding when you see the result. For this project, I made use of modular props and trim textures, and also made shaders that automatically add scratches and dirt to my props.

Frosty Wosty Chilly Recipes

This is another project that I am super excited to show, this is for a 'heroic asset' assignment in school. Concept art is done by Lena Richards. 

Frosty Cookout

Around this spellbook asset, I created a diorama. I envisioned this to be a calm resting spot for a spell-caster, where they can cook and relax by an old tree.

PBR Props

Below are some props that I made, they're textured in Substance Painter. The bike's concept art is done by 絵を描くPETER

Ruins Environment

Here is an environment I did for a 'Ruins' assignment, this was mostly to play with lighting, composition, and getting used to Substance Designer.

That's everything I'd like to show! Thank you so much for reading through my submission, I hope you love them as much as I do!

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