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Wildcard Dive Bar Game Environment - Alex Bush

Wildcard Dive Bar Game Environment - Alex Bush

Alex Bush
by TheDawnFury on 15 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Wildcard Dive Bar Game Environment was inspired by the Gadget - Bot Production concept art 'Wild Card Dive Bar'. Solo Creative Project (2nd Year)- Alex Bush - 3D Environment Artist/Lighting Artist -

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Wildcard Dive Bar Game Environment - 2nd Year Solo Creative Project - University of Hertfordshire

What is my Wildcard Dive Bar short trailer about?

Main storyline-

The main purpose of the Wildcard Dive Bar short trailer is to show some sort of mystery in my game environment or a crime scene has happened, which leads to the bar being completely deserted. An example would be the cigarette being ignited at the start of the footage, it gives that spooky feeling that something tragic happened in the Wildcard Dive Bar game environment. Fairy lights and neon signs are powered on through out the trailer. However, no one knows why the electricity is on or why the neon lights are flickering? 

Hope you guys like my Wildcard Dive Bar short trailer! :)

Wildcard Dive Bar Environment - Final Renders -

The five final renders is to show of what my game environment looks like from multiple perspectives and angles. All the game assets, lighting, texturing, Unreal Engine 4 materials and short trailer is all my own student work created from scratch during in my second year at the University of Hertfordshire. Wildcard Dive Bar game environment is a second year solo creative project and spent nearly 400 hours on it (nine weeks worth of work). 

Breakdown - How I created the Wildcard Dive Bar environment from scratch to the final renders/short trailer?

Concept Art Reference - Wild Card Dive Bar (Credited by Gadget - Bot Production)-

Wildcard Dive Bar Concept Art (Credited) by Gadget - Bot Production-

I used the Wild Card Dive Bar concept art (for reference purposes) to help me recreate it into a game environment. This allowed me to work on improving my environment art and lighting skills. I will add some hyperlinks to the original Wildcard Dive bar concept art down below and the Gadget - Bot Production website of where I got the concept art from. (Credited) - Gadget - Bot Production Artstation Page (Credited) - Gadget Bot Production Concept Art Page (Credited) - Wild Card Dive Bar Concept Art of where I originally found it 

PureRef Reference Board - References for Wildcard Dive Bar Environment -

Game Ready Assets - Marmoset Toolbag 3 Turntable -

Game Ready Asset - Bar Stool Turntable -

Game Ready Asset - American Pool Table -

Game Ready Asset - Red Leather Diner Bar Chair

Environment Progression (Week 1 - 9) -

Lighting - Breakdown -

Trim Sheet - Unreal Engine 4 Render (All the Game Assets and Textures used for game environment) -

Unreal Engine 4 Materials and Smoke Particle System - Process -

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