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Hugo Dumont  Environment - Lookdev Artist

Hugo Dumont Environment - Lookdev Artist

by hugodum on 26 May 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Presenting some of my projects that i made this year.

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Hello !! I'm Hugo Dumont, student at Creative Seeds, 3th year in Environments section. Here's all my best projects from this year.

Hope you like it !!

Honolulu Island

Crouching Lion Trailhead

First large scale environement using Maya Houdini and Guerilla Render. It was a fun to use an oser soft for the rendering part. It was a lot of fun doing the whole project. It took me 2 months to finish this one.


The base layout was made on Maya, scatter and mountain details on Houdini.

Render with Guerilla and Compositing with Nuke.

Corsair Speeder

Vehicle fan art 

For this project I had to improve my hard surface skills. Especially modeling and surfacing. I had to find a base concept to remake in 3D. It took me 2 months like the first one.

Original concept by Pablo Dominguez. 

Recently i reopen my file to make a quick environment. 

The front wings part was a bit challenging but it was a good exercise.

I descovered Nuke on this one, it was a great experience. 

I added some personal touches with the thrusters and the engine part.

San donato

I made this one at the end of the past year. Same as the one before i had to make an environement based on concept.

Concept by Lorenzo Lanfranconi.

I used Maya for the modeling and layout part. Houdini for the scattering, Substance Painter for the surfacing, Redshift for the render and After Effect for the compositing.

It was a really great memory to work on this one. It reminds me of the end of spring and the start of warmer days. :)

I also enjoyed making the sound part too !! 

This last project ends my pesentation.

Thanks to all my mentors at Creative Seeds and my friends for their help and advice. 

I hope you enjoyed my participation. Thanks for taking the time to watch it !

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