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Inkesis is a Graduation Video Game made by 16 students from ISART DIGITAL, the Video Game and 3D Animation / VFX School. It was developed in 9 month on Unreal Engine 4. It's a solo top down stylized adventure & puzzle game for PC.

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Long ago, the colossal Library of Arga was built on the remnants of a violent war. Now forgotten, it is plagued by the Collapse. Dive into the heart of this mystical building to fight the evil that consumes it! Collect Knowledge and control your environment to explore this grandiose building, uncover secrets, and forge your own path in this adventure and puzzle game! But beware, your greed could lead you astray...

Explore and help Ink solve puzzles in this mystical Mesopotamian inspired library.

Inkesis is a special and unique game created by 16 passionate people.

This submission introduces you to its world from its early concepts to final realization.


- The Argadil Team

In crafting the environment for our game, we drew inspiration from the geometric architectural shapes found in Sumerian culture. This choice was particularly fitting for our puzzle-oriented game mechanics. To complement this theme, we embraced a "hand-painted" texture style, lending a unique and artistic touch to the world we were creating.

Our decision to set the environment in a mystical library filled with knowledge was driven by our desire to immerse players in a rich and intriguing setting. We aimed to evoke a sense of wonder and discovery, inviting players to explore the depths of this enigmatic space.

With our intentions focused on creating a vibrant and colorful world with a mystical atmosphere, we paid careful attention to the design elements. Distinguishable shapes, a contrast between towering structures and diminutive characters, and a strong sense of verticality were all employed to emphasize the great power wielded by the main character relative to their size. Through these deliberate choices, we sought to create an immersive experience that would captivate players and transport them into our fantastical realm.

At this stage we were trying to find the right tones and the right balance between the amount of void and ground appearing on screen and how our chunks would move in our environment.

The final design of our hero is a small but powerful creature created by the library of Arga.
They're a simplified version of the first sketches to be readable at great distance.
They features ink and scrolls, a testament to the library's extraordinary powers.

The "enemies" are the guardians of the library. They appear a little foolish and cute because, like our main character, they were created by the library but in a less perfect form. They were designed this way to be modular and facilitate the 3D process in terms of animations.

A procedural Houdini tool has been created by our Technical Artist to help the art team achieve the level art goals in time. The tool allows the Artists to convert the level design blockout into polished structural assets including « built in » libraries.

Working procedurally on the level art allowed us to save a lot of production time and focus on adding smaller details for polish and to make our 3D environment more lively.


Benjamin Ban - Game Producer

Marine Bayet - Game Producer

G A M E   A R T I S T S

Margot Béric - 3D Environment Artist | Level Artist

Valentine Collino - Character Artist | 3D generalist | Level Artist

Alyssia Galleze - Houdini & Tech Artist | Material & Shader Artist

Liv Jenger - Environment & Tech Artist | Animator | Lighting Artist

Maélis Levastre - Concept Artist | Illustrator

Matthias Rousseau - Concept Artist | 2D Animator

G A M E   D E S I G N E R S

Jérémy Becica - Level & Game Designer

Théotime Lawson - Technical & UX Game Designer

Céline Tohier - Narrative & Game Designer

G A M E   P R O G R A M M E R S

Pierre Louis Cukerman - Gameplay Programmer

Nicolas Deprez - Gameplay Programmer

Antony Gavelle - Unreal & Gameplay Programmer

Romain Hitier - Gameplay & System Programmer

M U S I C   &   S O U N D    D E S I G N

Victor Bick - Composer & Sound Designer

F O L L O W   U S !

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