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MIKO- The Lost Heir

MIKO- The Lost Heir

Janessa Kuek Jia Yun
by artemisjy on 11 Apr 2024 for Rookie Awards 2024

Hey all, my name is Janessa Kuek, a Concept Artist specializing in environments! "MIKO- The Lost Heir" is about the travels of a mercenary and a holy automaton in the desert wastelands. This is part of my personal IP project developed at Syn Studio :) Enjoy!

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"MIKO- The Lost Heir" is a Japanese inspired post-apocalyptic story about the travels of a mercenary and a holy automaton in the desert wastelands. This is part of my personal IP project developed at Syn Studio!

Environment | The Orphanage
The land of divinity was once a vibrant tapestry of prosperity and opulence. However, Rasputin’s siege triggered a cataclysmic disaster, resulting in corrupting all that is divine and transformed the land into a desolate wasteland. Those who resist Rasputin's rule are condemned to a nomadic existence in the wastelands, far from his tyrannical grasp at the palace.

Environment | Grandma Isa's Tea Room
For thousands of years, the vengeful spirit Isa has been sealed and confined in the abandoned temple by the ancient beings of this world. As time passes, her turbulent soul found tranquility through the meditative practice of tea brewing. Since then, she started aiding lost travelers who ventured into her domain. This sanctum serves as a pivotal safe zone for players, where level-ups and upgrades are made available after unlocking.

Environment | The Settlement 
At the heart of the canyon city rests The Brothel and Rasputin’s lair, from which he exerts dominion over all within his grasp. Despite its lively streets adorned with bustling shops and stalls, the settlement harbors an undercurrent of desolation. Amidst the rugged canyon landscape, residents navigate their daily lives, clinging to remnants of hope in the face of pervasive poverty and despair imposed by Rasputin's oppressive reign. This area stands as the final destination of the two hero's journey.

Characters | MIKO
In a world taken over by the malevolent god Rasputin, Daikichi is hired to escort AYAE, a mysterior automaton on a journey to the Settlement where Rasputin resides for a huge amount of money and resources. Throughout their journey, they found themselves entangled in combat and riddles, all while unravelling AYAE's true identity as the rightful heir to the throne, who is destined to restore the desolated wasteland back to its former glory. 

Character | Daikichi
Daikichi is a mercenary hired to escort AYAE, a holy automaton across the desolate wastelands that was once the divine civilization to Rasputin’s palace for a huge amount of money and resources. Despite his arrogant and solitary nature, he seems to have grown fond of AYAE’s company through the journey as she reminds him of his deceased younger sister.

Character | AYAE
AYAE is a holy automaton, a descendant of the divine civilization that has now perished during the siege by Rasputin. She is later revealed to be the prophesized heir to the throne who is destined to take over and purify the lands and restoring it to its former glory.

Illustration | MIKO
I wanted to showcase a solemn moment with Daikichi and AYAE despite the devastating state of how the world has become. AYAE praying for the lost souls,  to purify them so they could move on to the afterlife. 

This is the end of this project :)
MIKO- The Lost Heir was a huge learning experience for me as an artist, from the technical aspects of creating art to implementing storytelling and narrative elements into design, everything was a challenge and I'm happy with what I ended up with. I am insanely grateful for my friends and tutors that helped me along the way. Thank you, and have a great one y'all! Looking forward to my next project :) 

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