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The JigMat
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The JigMat

I always have been a huge fan of the "Saw" film series, so i had the idea to try to make the Jigsaw doll with the MeetMat, because of the likeliness of the two characters but also because i'm a fan of horror type of artworks. I know, the sketch sucks but i swear I'm better at texturing than how much i am at drawing

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Update - 17 Jan 2024

                                                                          THE JIGMAT

Looking at the MeetMat original model the first idea i came out with was to make a Jigsaw doll inspired concept for this contest, since I was always a huge fan of the Saw film series and James Wan direction and i didn't find any similar concept in any of the Meet Mat Contest editions.

Fun fact, I tried to use Zbrush for the face sculpting to export the displacement as an alpha, but my newbie skills with Zbrush we're making me wasting too much time and at the end I decided to "sculpt" the height layers directly in Substance Painter, same thing done for the clothes wrinkles and the stylized hair.

The Artistic Lighting Render

Pureref with references for character,clothes and the few alphas that i created from icons downloaded from that I used for the barbed wire,the saw and the skeleton foot behind.

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Update - 4 Jan 2024

Third WIP of the JigMat for the MeetMat 3 Contest

Update - 1 Jan 2024

Second WIP of the Jigmat

Update - 28 Dec 2023

First WIP of the JigMat

Update - 9 Dec 2023

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