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TribeMat, The Aztec warrior statue
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TribeMat, The Aztec warrior statue

It's a pleasure to be part of this great contest and to improve my skills in texturing I'm going to try to recreate the vibes of an Aztec warrior.

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Update - 19 Jan 2024

Hello everyone, I'm finally here to post the last update of the Tribemat for the #meetmat3 contest.

I'm glad to show you the result of my research and sperimentation with Substance 3d painter, this project allowed me to focus on the workflow of Painter and teached me a lot of stuff and strategies for texturing, but less words and let's jump on it.

The process puted me in so many different challenges:

Layering properly the different textures, understanding deeply the use of height, smart masks and anchor points, coat, emissive, metallic, stone and roughness. I tried as much as it was possible to push all the things in my hand, to improve my skills and to see the potential of Painter.

Here's some shots to contemplate for the last moment the heights, the part I'm most proud about.

In the end, let's look back at all the process:

I realy enjoyed partecipating to this contest, it gave me the opportunity to increase my abilities and to know a lot of talented Rookies.

Can't wait to join another The rookies contest, see you at the next event artists, hope you liked it.

Peter Sabadotto

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Update - 29 Dec 2023

The second step has been mainly dedicated to complete all the heights of the TribeMat which I tried to modify based on the style of it in order to create an armonious composition, I played a lot with the difference of height between the parts, I also created my own curved surfaces using black and white masks and experimented with the additions of heights.

Once did that i started studying some color palettes and ended deciding with this that I propose you which I think is the most appropriate one looking at the references and the composition.

For the last step, once finished the block out coloring of the head, I would definetly try to play more with the differences between the textures of the gold and the armor, I'll add the emissive and for the final touch I'll add dirt, scratches and dust.

Update - 12 Dec 2023

For the first step of the TribeMat i started studying the heights which I created based directly on the UVS of the MeetMat. 

Combining different levels of grayscale, switching between black and white parts, I've been able to describe the different parts of the TribeMat. I decided to start blocking out the height first because the colored parts will be based on the final result of the height.

Here's the first step: 

I consider to change the ornamental design of the armor, trying to respect more properly the shapes. Also I will create more differences of height between the parts to make it more variable and more similar to a real Aztechian Statue. After completing the height blockout I will start with materials.

Update - 8 Dec 2023

Armors and details will be added by using different levels of height, for the recesses the idea is to use emissive, to make it look more "neon" style. 

Here's some references: 

After some sketches I came up with this final concept, defining the proportions and the different parts I'm going to mix to get the TribeMat : 

Hope you'll enjoy it and I can't wait to see the final results of the other partecipants.

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