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by yashvisompura on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi i am yashvi working on 3d character art and want to work as 3d character artist in movies

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Hi.. i'm yashvi.. Here is my first project from movie named "Apocalypto" i made this villain called "Zero wolf" which is played by Raoul Trujillo anyway , how i end up here is i always into tribal people,things and one day my family was watching this movie and i saw this character i decided i am gonna make him in cg 

so here.. is my final render of zero wolf 

most fun part from this poject was this little guy, i love it's design,shape and feel.. i enjoyed sculpting this lil guy 

I also paint blood on it ... :)


Here i started by gathering reference from movie. 

At first i was not sure about how he gonna end up so ya i try to gather as much reference as i can gather 

After gathering reference, i sculpted zero wolf in Z brush with traditional texturing.

i did not use any xyz nor high quality base mesh 

I sculpted each and every thing by texturing it by traditionally 

And it's UV time..

I uv , unfold, placed it...

After uving i texture in substance painter 

This is how i worked on skin

Than i worked on xzen 

I rigged this character because i want to experiment with his pose a lilttle 


Thank you :)

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