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Lola's Sketchbook

Lola's Sketchbook

Lola Bosch
by LolaBosch on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi! this is my Entry for the 2023 contest, hope you henjoy my new artwork!

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Hi There! my name is Lola Bosch. Im a still learning Concept Art student and illustrator based on Spain! Im hopping to work as a concept artist some day and these are my firsts steps. I finished my Fine Arts degree on my city, Seville, and a Master on the great Voxel School based on Madrid! Im making this rookie entry as a mix of artworks in a sketchbook I made this year (late 2022-2023). Im still finding myself! 

Hope you enjoy my entry! 

To begin with, these following artworks are my most detailed ones: full-render, photobashing and my own skills are represented. I learned so much making these and, most of all, learned to like the process and taking care of my creations. 

"The Humming bird Girl" soldier of the british marine on the XVI c. 

"Dracula stalking Lucy Westenra" My own version of these two characters from Bram Stokers "Dracula" (book). At no time we see Dracula interacting with Lucy on the book, we just see the little marks and nightmares he makes her go through, so on the portrait they're not interacting, i'ts just a reflect of her own pain coused by Dracula.

"The warrior and the bear" Two of my original characters. Not so much background yet, whatsoever. But i'm always inspired while creating them.

These next works are my firsts evironments! different worlds and situations (and my first ever drawing of the Warrior and the Bear).

The following images are some concepts of my Slasher Universe. Again, orignal characters. Trying to make them come to life.

From now on, we're going to see some fanarts! from Zelda, to the new "Puss in boots" characters, and horror movies. I love stylized art and I take advantage of that while making fanarts! They inspire me so much and people love them as much as I do.

Well here ends my 2023 entry for The Rookies!

Thanks for the views and good luck!

Lola Bosch 

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