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The dream of life

The dream of life

by Vann on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

My dream is to create practical solutions to respond to the various challenges that arise in architecture, to be able to visualize an idea, for me is the noblest way to express my thoughts and concerns.

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The following is a compendium of projects that I have imagined and visualized during the development of my training at Butic and in my spare time, the works have been developed with tools such as 3ds max, Vray, Corona renderer and photoshop.

The Butic Coffee

3ds max + Vray

The Cipea House

3ds Max + Corona renderer + Lightroom

Academic internships at Butic

 3ds max + Vray+ Twinmotion

the secret garden is part of a project under development to present my master's degree in architectural visualization at Butic.

Master's degree project under development 

Butic the nex school


I mainly dedicate myself to design and build architecture, however I am passionate about visualizing my ideas, for me each visualization has the objective of creating images that inspire and incite to create narrative aspects full of life that possess a human and atmospheric sensation as emotions arise and sprout within the memories of those who possess them, to think that each space created can be able to awaken those emotions in the viewer and that each image becomes a prelude of what in the future will be materialized.

As simple as possible, as interesting as possible is the principle that starts the ideas that play inside my mind.


I firmly believe in the design process as a tool where the need of each project becomes opportunities and learning, with each idea that arises I constantly strive to develop and improve each work looking for new challenges every day,

I grew up in a small community immersed in a great diversity of climates and contexts which has made me believe that architecture, as well as visualization require time and place the importance of letting ideas mature to think beyond conventional solutions and redefine new forms or possible ideas.

Sometimes words do not express clearly what we feel, because we are immersed in our own emotions and we live them in an automaton way every moment without being able to emerge beyond them, but this does not imply that we are not able to express them in some way ...

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