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Tifanie Gauwe - 3D Environment and Props Art

Tifanie Gauwe - 3D Environment and Props Art

Tifanie Gauwe
by TifanieGauwe on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello everyone and welcome ! I introduce myself, young 3D artist ready to learn, evolve, and create for your pleasure (and mine) ! You will find on this page some work I was able to do during the last 14 months during my studies at Artside school ! Sit down comfortably, we’re gone !

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Handpainted Props... 

Here we are !

"Lizardo is that you ?"

Let’s start our journey with a touch of stylized with our lizard friend 🦎 inspired by Jenny Brozek’s super concept.

I especially thank Lucile Thyrard for her teachings and her good mood that really made me want to continue painting afterwards !

This beautiful axe was a "small" challenge (as I like them) since it was a matter of finishing it in 6/7 days.

First modeled in 3dsmax, then exported in 3Dcoat and finally a little passage by Marmoset Toolbag and the case was in the bag !

Although... This project is close to my heart, it will come back sooner or later with some improvements ! Stay in the corner you never know !

"There is enough to fall into the trap !"

Here is the worthy predecessor of my axe. A quest board modeled and designated by Lucile in order to practice  handpaint on 3Dcoat before moving on to serious things.


It was a real pleasure to deepen my knowledge in VFX with Théo Droulez who was able to be effective in a very short module and show us a lot of features to allow us to do all kinds of vfx in Unreal Engine.

In order to achieve them, I used Cascade, particles emitters, specific meshes and Photoshop to define the shapes.

It's time to be a little more realistic. 

"Did you say cave?"

For this project we will discover a well-known cave in Ariège (France) ! This was my primary inspiration during this multi-week module very detailed with Paolo Boissel where we learned more about Substance Designer, blend materials, and composition in Unreal Engine

The whole scene was made by me except for the vegetation and the wheel which come from Megascan.

Vegetation & Alien Story

A big thank you to Arnaud Clauded for allowing me to be able to fully exploit and explore the vegetation of our world and thus to create others. You guessed it, the mission was simple (or not).

For this project, I had to understand and use the codes of the Pantanal to create a credible alien biome. As a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft, I quickly thought of Color Out of Space ! Which more or less defined my chromatic charter thereafter. 

Speedtree then became my right arm along with Substance Designer, Photoshop and Unreal Engine for rendering. On the menu : Cactus, bamboo, aloe vera, tall grasses and succulents. (Ground Material is from Quixel Megascans)

One last round before I bow out to you,
Thanks to Artside School and all the teachers for these 14 months full of knowledge, hard work and support. I will continue to do my best keeping in mind all your advice and remarks. Thank you for believing in me.

And... Thanks also to you who came to take a look at this post ! I hope to find you very well for new adventures, new projects and looking forward to supporting you in turn ! Yes, I forgot... This is where it happens if you want to see the rest of my career as a 3D artist ! (Artstation link, my portfolio hasn't been updated for a while so tell yourself that everything you saw today was in preview ! 😉)

See you next year The Rookies ! 🌻

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