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Current Animation Work

Current Animation Work

Hollie Secomb
by Hollie on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

This is some of my animation work. I can see the difference between some of my older work and my current work. I have created some other animations as part of a short internship but can not display them. I am currently working with a team of friends to create a short film.

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Current Animation Work 

Short Character Animation: "Lilly"

This animation was created as part of my university study. I created this entire short animation (modelling, rigging, surfacing, animating, etc). Though the animation quality has aged a little as this was made in 2020, I am still proud of what I achieved. 

Lip-Sync Animation

This was also part of my university studies. Again the animation is aging as I improve over time. 

Lip-sync & Character Performance

These characters were animated one after the other to practice Lip-sync and Character Performance. The first video was created first and then so on. 

Cat Walk & Stalk

I created this animation to practice Quadruped walks. 

Clear Silhouette  

The aim of this was to create clear silhouettes with readable emotions. 

Squirrel Jump

This animation was created to practice secondary animation.

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