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The last secret of nature

The last secret of nature

Project realized during my studies at Pixl Visn. The process has gone throug Zbrush, Mari, Substance, Maya, Arnold and Nuke.

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Hello everyone, my name is Kristel and this is my first submission for the 3d Animation category in this contest of the Rookies. 

Last January I finished my studies at Pixl Visn in Cologne Germany where I was totally fascinated by 3D modeling, texturing, rendering of Human characters and creatures. Here is one of my favorite projects that I created during my studies at Pixl Visn. The work is called: The last secret of nature. 

It is based on a sketch by an artist named Tyler Joyce about Skulltula from the Legend of Zelda video game. Enjoy!

What I did was to translate the sketch into a 3D model in Zbrush and give it the necessary texture to get closer to reality. Here I have searched and found many reference photos. For the texture work I used Mari from the Foundry. At the end I did the composition work in nuke on a still. Thanks to the pexels page I was able to find the perfect reference photo.

The material used for reference is endless. Below are some of them:

As always, this process has been an incredible journey filled with a lot of fun and excitement. Simply a lot of work that gives me great satisfaction to do.

Thank you very much for this opportunity.

PS. I am responsible for all aspects of this project.

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