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DATA // Karnak - NEW3DGE School Projects

DATA // Karnak - NEW3DGE School Projects

Maxime Leroy
by Abrax on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

I present to you my characters that i have been doing since this September 2022 to May 2023 for the NEW3DGE's graduation year project ! DATA : Frank, a nomadic robot discovering buried ruins on a desolate Earth. The City of Karnak : a realistic fantasy action taking place in Egypt, where the good have to slay the evil.

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Hello there !

I'm Maxime Leroy, a student at NEW3DGE specialized in Character and Creature Art.

We had 2 project on this year 2022-2023.
One was fully concepted and created by our DATA Team. (First half of the year )

The other one was already concept and design by the Concept Art Team from NEW3DGE : The City Of Karnak. (Second half of the year)

If you want to see more of my work, go check my links :
Artstation :
Linkedin :
Mail : [email protected]

Trailer and Gameplay done by the Karnak Team : 

Character artists : Jean-Jacques Dumas and Moheb Naghib

Creature artists : Ludivine Bellot, Armande Lecointre (+ Tech chara) and Maxime Leroy

Environment artists : Vincent d'Andrea, Estelle Panel and Benjamin Kretschmann

Tech and Fx artist : Léo Zhang

Concept artists : Jérôme Bianchi, Céline Cariou, Régin Wellander, Noel Martins and Anne Fichet

The Unbalmed

The Unbalmed are the main soldiers for the Forsaken King's army. They can be called back from the death to surround the ennemy, and maintain the integrity of the Temple Of Karnak.

To be fully optimised, we used a skeleton base mesh by Raphael Grassetti. Armande Lecointre made the topology and the UV's, and all the skeleton in the environment use the same textures done by Ludivine Bellot.
I have done the props and the weapons. I also had to do some animations with a Motion Capture systeme.

Character by Maxime Leroy,

Tech Chara by Armande Lecointre,

Texturing in collaboration with Ludivine Bellot.

Tech and Fx by Leo Zhang.

Based on the concept of Regin Wellander

Trailer done By the DATA Team : 

Character, tech artist : Armande Lecointre

Creature artist : Maxime Leroy

Environment artists : Alice Couderc, Vincent D'Andrea and Oscar Chalaux

Music by : Octave Roulleau-Thery

In this DATA project, i was in charge of the old mechanical librairian M1-K.

I had to concept it, search for a design, and then making it alive in 3D !

The librarian : M1-K

M1-K is the old librarian who served the place before the disappearance of humanity. Deactivated during a landslide, she comes back to life during Frank's visit. Now alone, she will tirelessly continue to maintain this relic of humanity.

Software used : Zbrush / 3DsMax / Substance Painter & Designer / Rizom UV / Photoshop / Unreal Engine 5 / Marmoset

Thanks for your reading ! 

Hope you liked it ! 

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