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First Year at Howest DAE

First Year at Howest DAE

by roksolanakhrouchtch on 31 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

A collection of my best work in the first year of the Howest Digital Arts and Entertainment, Game Graphics Production major.

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Diorama - Grandma's House

For the 3D1 course final we had to make a low poly scene that suits one of the four given storylines. I chose to make "Grandma's House".  My scene tries to capture a piece of English countryside with an old stone cottage and a mossy riverside. I learned a lot by modeling and texturing each little prop and tried to add small funny details into my scene. Matching textures to create a cohesive look was challenging, but the end result was worth the effort!

Weaponcraft - Lifebringer's Prismcaster

For this assignment of the Game Art course, our goal was to create a low poly stylized weapon in the style of World of Warcraft. I choose to make a magic staff as I had fun exploring different interesting shapes and magic effects in my concepting process. Painting the gold, stone, and fabric textures in photoshop was an enjoyable experience and I learned a lot along the way.

Flying Circus - Stylized Plane

For this assignment of the Game Art course, we were asked to create a stylized airplane.  We had to base our design on an existing WW1/WW2 plane and stylize it by exaggerating the main elements and playing with proportions. My airplane is inspired by the Waco YMF5 model. 

The focus of this project was to create a game-ready model with a low polycount and an efficient unwrap. Textures were fully hand-painted in Photoshop, and we had the freedom to come up with our own color scheme.

The Tower

For this Preproduction 2 assignment, the theme was an abandoned medieval tower scene. Focus was put into the principles of composition and color studies, which we then applied to our scene to create a final image. I choose to make my tower in a foggy autumn environment, which I enjoyed painting and detailing.

The Cannon

This was the first Preproduction 2 assignment, which was an intro to digital painting. We had to create a small pirate island with three main props based on real-life references of our choosing. The focus was mainly on using the correct values to make the materials and overall scene readable in black and white, and then apply colors on top. I had fun adding my own unique details into the scene.


For this Preproduction 1 assignment, we had to create a property inspired by rural Bulgarian architecture based on a chosen profession. I choose my scene to revolve around a patternmakers workshop. We also had to include living courters and a storage area, all connected in a logical and interesting way, and add story details based on references to create a believable setting. Although I did already have experience in drawing before, I found this task challenging due to the number of ideas we had to generate and apply into perspective drawings, which all had to be done in traditional media. 

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