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Divided Skies

Divided Skies

Ryan Muit
by RyanMuit on 1 Jun 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Fly through the slums of futuristic Mumbai and complete various missions as Kyra - a member of the Nandaka gang. Transport illegal tech and mechanical enhancements, fight off rival gangs, chase down foes and explore hidden areas as you uncover the secrets of the metropolis!

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Welcome to the Slums of New Mumbai!

Divided Skies is a single player flight adventure game where you play as Kyra, a member of the Nandaka gang, as she completes dangerous missions transporting illegal tech and mechanical enhancements while fighting off rival gangs. Shoot enemies, chase down foes, and explore hidden areas as you uncover the secrets of the metropolis called New Mumbai taking place in the year 2100.



Kyra is an orphan who has been living on the streets. Together with her friends she 'fixes' stuff for people. She is determined & logical, while also focusing on being independent.


Player Vehicle


Tuk Tuk




- Slava Takrovskij (Product Owner)
- Matteo Ugrote (Product Owner)
- Wesley Cats (Producer)


- Betty Aleksieva (Lead Artist, Animator)
- Ryan Muit (Environment Artist)
- Stela Dobreva (Environment Artist)
- Angela Bello Mayoria (Environment Artist)
- Kristina Yankova (Environment Artist)
- Tiffany Jansen (Environment Artist)
- Axel Cremers (Character Artist)
- Fabio Aragoneses (Hard Surface / Vehicle Artist)
- Daniëlle Maat (Environment Artist, Concept Artist)
- Tim Buhrs (Environment Artist)
- Sabina Bojilova (Concept Artist, UI Arist)


- Brittany Ruth van Doornik (Lead Designer, Narrative/UI Desiger)
- Tudor Sabin Boneanu (Lead Designer, UI Designer, QA)
- Jesse van Rijn (Lead Designer, Technical/System Designer, UI Designer)
- Sebastiaan van der Kruijs (Technical Level Designer, Level Designer)
- Joost Rol (3C's Lead, Audio/Music Lead, Technical Designer)
- Matteo Ugrote (Level Designer)
- Ravinesh Bhoep (Technical Designer, Marketing Lead)
- Plamen Kalinikov (Narrative Designer)
- Mihail Kostov (Level Designer)
- Hidde Derks (Technical Designer, Build Engineer)
- Lucas Dane (Writer, Technical Narrative Designer)


- Deyan Mohamed (Lead Programmer, Tools Programmer, Build Engineer, Audio Programmer)
- Martijn Vahl (Lead Programmer, Gameplay Programmer)
- Tom van het Ende (Generalist Programmer, Optimization)
- Maarten de Kloe (AI Programmer)
- Slava Takrovskij (AI Progammer)
- Lex Roovers (Tool/Procedural Programmer, Tech Artist)
- Tristan Poiesz (Generalist Programmer)


- Viktória Čižíková (Environment Concepting)
- Alex Out (Environment and Vehicle Concepting)
- Vassil Mihaylov (Vehicle Concepting)
- Sasja Bradić (Character and Environment Concepting)
- Rembrandt van Leeuwen (General Concepting)
- Olimpia Di Nella (Technical Artist)
- Mae van Diesen (Technical Artist)
- Radu Nenu (Technical Designer)
- Jesse Reichel (Technical Artist)
- Thomas Koenders (Technical Artist)

Asset Packs

- Favelas by KitBash3D - Link
City Environment Megapack vol 02 - Link
Italian V8 Engine Sound - Link

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