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Lowland, Mars Rover and Time Traveling

Lowland, Mars Rover and Time Traveling

Naïm Bonnot
by naimbonnot on 29 May 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hello, I'm a concept art and illustration student at Institut Artline, and I'm sharing with you some projects that I've made. You will find final pieces, processes and researches. Enjoy !

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Let's begin with this "old man of the lowland" project.

This project is about developing the environment of an old man living alone inside an isolated house in the middle of a huge plain.

Here is an illustration of the plain and a fisherman looking at this weird and isolated house, in the middle of nowhere.

Next, you'll see a second project which is a Mars Rover concept art.

I worked on the design and research sketches on my second year, and then, I retook it recently to turn it into a final image.

My third and last project : designing a time traveling gate.

The brief was to design a time traveling gate in the middle of a room. I decided to make a capsule that is propelled into the gate in order to send soldiers in the past, to influence the outcome of ancient wars.

Thank you for watching !

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