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2022-2023 Overview (as a first year student)

2022-2023 Overview (as a first year student)

Warre Adriaensen
by WarreA3 on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

My most presentable work from my first year at Howest Digital Arts and Entertainment. It's already been a big journey, one I just started and (hopefully) isn't going to end soon.

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2022-2023 Overview | Warre Adriaensen

This has been my first year studying Game Graphics Production at Howest DAE. I'm not finished with my exams yet, so I can't showcase them yet.

Having learned Photoshop, Maya and Houdini (all programs I have never used before) has been very challenging, but fun!

I had to learn how to draw 'correctly' from the ground up again. I never even touched a 3D software before September last year, and don't get me started on Houdini..

But I'm very happy with almost everything I made so I'll showcase them without further ado.

Forest Loner Diorama

We had to make 5 props belonging to a fictional 'forest loner', and later put them into a fully fledged diorama!

Flying Circus

We had to choose an interbellum airplane, stylize it and make it in 3D! My first experience with handpainted textures and I loved it. Altough I wish we were allowed to use Substance Painter instead of Photoshop..


We had to design and make our own World of Warcraft weapon. Simple as that!

Uphill Panorama

Our first preproduction assignment, with the purpose of having us learn about the whole pipeline as fast as possible. And it went fast!

It was the first time I've ever drawn something for points and not just for fun, so it was a little stressful, but I'm very happy with the end result!


An assignment focused on design techniques and iterations, lots of iterations!

The Cannon

An assignment where we learned about digital painting and it's in's and out's.
The focus was mainly on composition and values, even though adding the colours at the end was my favorite part.

The Tower

This assignment was all about composition and environment painting!
My most recent work!

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