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José de las Héras – The Rookies 2023

José de las Héras – The Rookies 2023

by JosedelasHeras on 29 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi there! I am José de las Héras, a 3D character artist passionate about video games. Here is an overview of the latest work I have been working on during my graduation project at Brassart School this year.

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Seishin :

During my 3rd year at Brassart School, I worked on Seishin, a cinematic project made in game with in Unreal Engine 5. I had a lot of fun making these characters. The challenge was to make gameready characters that could also be used for in-game cinematics. I did the whole parts of the characters from sculpt to retopology, Uvs and textures.

I also fully conceptualized the design of these characters, it was a very good exercise to develop my vision of stylization. This project allowed me to strengthen my skills as a character artist with a full team.

Ryoshi :

He hunts and fights demons around the world.

Turnaround :

Wires :

Masaru :

This bloodthirsty demon lives in a temple beyond the mountains.

Turnaround :

Renders in game with Unreal Engine 5 :

The use of Unreal Engine 5 and Lumen allowed us to increase the rendering quality of the characters and the assets to the maximum. Here are some renders in engine.

Outdoor shots :

Shot in the temple :

We have created a master shader for the skin to get a more realistic look in Unreal Engine 5. 

Shots in a parallel dimension :

Special Thanks :

A big thanks to all my team for supporting me and helping me to progress during these years of study.

- Mathieu Compin for the rigg of the two characters

- Thomas Marsollier for animation

- Axel Defforge and Pablo Barros for environments

(Check out their socials !)

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