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"Viking Canyon" Enviroment

"Viking Canyon" Enviroment

Claudia Prieto Guerrero
by Claudiaprigue on 29 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hey! I'm Claudia, a spanish digital art student. Fine arts graduate, now specializing with Animum School in 3D enviroment and production.

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Hi! I'm glad to be sharing this project that I have been working on for my Animum master's degree on Enviroment Modeling and 3D Production. 

The work is based on Junyu Zhu's concept art named ''Viking Canyon''.  Modified by Animum to make it more manageable, the concept still gave me some headaches, but hardwork pays off and it was really satisfying watching how it came to life. Everything is modeled using Maya, unless two types of bushes, wich I took from Quixel Bridge. Used Substance 3D Painter for texturing, and gave a touch up to the final render image, using Procreate, to enance light and colors.

Beauty render >  Diffuse Render > Volume Render > Volumetric pass

Some inside images of the project  (texture map and Pureref sheets):

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