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Temple Guardian, Scarlet Witch and Project

Temple Guardian, Scarlet Witch and Project

by Lauu on 28 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

I present to you three works that I carried this year during my last year as a student. All three characters are Game ready, hope you enjoy!

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Here is a project executed in 4 weeks, as I wish to make stylized characters. I chose a concept from the game Legends of Runeterra, which I carried into the Wild Rift style.

The concept art is realized by Aifan If:

After finalizing an early version of the High poly, I realized that some elements didn't fit the style and concept, so I edited the hair to make it bigger and more stylized, as well as the eye patch, and then increased the chest size.

I finished the high poly in two weeks.

Wild Rift is a mobile game, so I was careful not to put too many polygons on my model. However, I increased the topology on places of the body for a better rendering.

I also slightly modified the shape of the folds of the harem pants. 

I did all the textures with Substance Painter. I separated the different elements on several UVS sets for better visibility, which I then merged in Photoshop. 

I always start by separating each texture with different masks, very showy and very different colors for better vision. Then, once everything is well defined, I can apply the right colors and finally work on the texture.

I had a little trouble making the weapon, especially because the two view available on the concept are not exactly identical.

I made two sets of UVS; the first includes the whole character, and the second consists of the hair and the weapon. 

I rigged and skinned the character before using Marmoset for the final renders.

This six weeks-long taught me how to make my first realistic character.

I learned how to make a face and discover new software like FiberShop, ZWrap Plug-in, and Marvelous Designer, although I did not need to use this last one.

We had to choose a superhero or a villain, then redesign them in an art style mixing Cyberpunk 2077 and Injustice 2. We also had to select an existing actor for our character's face.

My choice fell on Scarlet Witch. 

I got help from MidJourney for the first concept ideas and redesigned them in Photoshop.

For the face, I chose to take inspiration from actress Natalie Dormer. 

I spend half of my time sculpting the High Poly's solely on the face. Being the first one I ever did, this sculpture was challenging to achieve, and I had to try many times before reaching a result that satisfied me. 

It was also my first time trying to do 3D hair, so I spent a lot of time setting it up. I also changed the concept along the way because I thought it was too princessy, and I wanted a more messy cut to stick to the Cyberpunk theme. 

I did the textures in Substance Painter and the hair in FiberShop. 

I did three sets of UVS. The first includes the character, the second the facial elements and the cape, and the third includes only the hair.

After having Rig and Skin, I rendered the final model on Marmoset.

I made one playable character and one mercenary for an upcoming game project.

Destiny and League of Legends Psyops skins inspired me. 

I wanted part of the face to be visible, so I opted for a transparent visor. 

For the topology, we had a limit of 150,000 triangles for each character and their weapon, so I challenged myself to stay within 125,000 triangles. 

Furthermore, as the game takes place in a dark environment and we have a TPS view, I wanted the character to stand out in the eyes of the player by adding touches of yellow on the back.

I made sure to create only one set of UVs for this character.

The character is rigged and skinned.

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