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A Plague Tale - Pursuance (DLC based on a location in London)

A Plague Tale - Pursuance (DLC based on a location in London)

This is a fan made DLC level for 'A Plague Tale' set in London, in a place called St Dunstan's in the East. This was for the Year 2 Group project at Escape Studios. No external resources like mega scans were used for this project, all content was made by us.

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Level Cinematic:


Player enters from Thames street on a quest to reach the church. They must retrieve the collectible, a capsule containing the blood of Christ, believed to guided them through the treacherous journey. The streets are foggy and full of copses, the homes are abandoned and the market ravaged with food sprawled on the ground. The character walks down the streets lit by torches and the dying fires. The bodies block the narrow streets creating a subtle leading path to the church doors. They see that the doors were locked by the priest who was desperate to keep them away as people scrambled to repent their sins or massacre those who they believe were sinners. The player needs to find a way to open the door, to find the the capsule suspended above the catholic altar, halo lit by the moonlight from the tower’s stained glass windows. The church’s benches are askew with sum pushed up against the now opened doors. The walls are lined with torches and artworks that guide you to the candlelit altar.

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