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Hologne Romain Showreel 2022/2023

Hologne Romain Showreel 2022/2023

by RomainHologne on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hi! Let me introduce you my work during my last year at New3dge throught two projects, Salty Sails and Aqua Heroes

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You can see the full project Here: Aqua Heroes


Lola is a born leader that won't hesitate jumping through danger. You do not want to mess with her!

Concept Artist : Romane Treluyer

Animator: Hugo Trénoras


The Bossu

The leader of the watcher, he is the last step before reaching the dangerous space station

Concept Artist : Antoine Gadoud

Tech Shader

I was in charge to create the master shader for all the character artist team and some complicated shaders with the help of Axel Daboineau

Character artist: Kenza El Mhaia                  Environment Artist: Axel Daboineau

Character Artist: Tiffany Le Thanh

Character Artists : Me and Raphaël Banget-Mossaz

Animator : Hugo Trénoras

Aqua Heroes Team:

Environment Artists:  Axel Daboineau  Marie Henry  Mélanie Khau

Character Artists: Raphaël Banget-Mossaz  Kenza El Mhaia  Romain Hologne  Tiffany Le Thanh

Tech/FX:  Léo Zhang

Concept Artists:  Romane Treluyer  Kiara Leneuf  Antoine Gadoud  Cecilia Lapeze

Exterior help:

Motion design: Céline Dang

Character Iddle animator: Hugo Trénoras

Music: Julien Azhar   [email protected]

Special thanks: Inès Poulet

You can see the full project Here: Salty Sails


Weaver is a 16 years old boy's ship. His dream is to be a great sailor but his young age and his tiny stature prevent him from being taken seriously. Therefore, his crewmates make him do all the chores on the vessel. Annoyed by his situation, he wants to prove his worth to everyone. 

Outpost pirates (Modular Character)

The pirates' island are sailors with big stature and proud of that. They were attracted by the myth of the mysterious gate.

They are nasty and aren't very clever, they spent their times drunk while trying to find a way to open the gate in vain...

My job was to create the base mesh of the pirates, all props were made by Tiffany Le Thanh

Salty Sails Team:

Environment Artists:  Axel Daboineau  Marie Henry  Tom Joubert

Character Artists: Tiffany Le Thanh  Romain Hologne

Tech/FX: Léo Zhang

My contacts

Artstation        Linkedin        Mail: [email protected]

Thanks for watching!

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