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Best of my 3d animations

Best of my 3d animations

Lucie Coste
by luciecoste on 24 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Little best of the animations I made during my first 3 years of 3D animation at ESMA School of Toulouse, France.

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Little best of the animations I made as a 3rd year student in 3D animation

3 years ago, I started studying at ESMA School in Toulouse, France, and I specialised in 3D Animation this year. It's really impresive for me to see how I started from scratch with only some 2D animation doodles, I arrived with these in just a few years. This post in a kind of  archive for the future me, to see how I will continue to improve.

First of all, here is the Demoreel I edited at the end of 2022.

I own none of the rigs. The goat come from the  movie Malacabra, the old lady from Un mal pour un bien, and the pianist Flamme, all ESMA movies. The other ones are free of use from diverse sources. I only created the props, like the katanas and the car.

These are the full versions of the 2 walk and run cycles that are in the Demoreel.

I down own the rig, but I edited it to add the pirate props, the wood leg and the patch.

This piano animation is also in the Demoreel, but now with the right music !

The rig of the character comes from the ESMA movie Flamme, and the piano is a free of use rig. The music is a piano version of the song Join us for a bite by JT Machinima.

Here come the new animations, in chronologic order. First, this little pirate dance (yeah, one more time a pirate), with a focus on cartoon animation.

The pirate rig comes from the ESMA movie Oeil pour Oeil, and the music is Bad Piggies from the video game Angry Birds.

Then, an acting animation.

The audio is from the serie Breaking Bad, saison 4, episode 6. The Spiderman rigg comes from the website, and the background is a free of use.

And finally, the first lipsync I made.

The audio is from the Netflix serie Bojack Horseman, also saison 4, also episode 6. The rig is David by Gabriel Salas, and the background is a free of use available on the Pixar official website.

Already done ? Yeah. It is just a best of, and after the lipsynch, I worked on the short movie The Last Breath, that you can find on my account.

Thank for watching !

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