The glass house

The glass house

Abel Justo Urrutia
by abeljuu on 23 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

A house for plants, not for people.

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CASA DE VIDRIO - The glass house

This greenhouse, designed by the architect Max Núñez in Chile, contains a tiny captive forest. A forest unaware of its surroundings, and isolated from the real world.

Through various mechanical systems, an artificial environment is created, conditioned to bring and keep a fragment of tropical forest in a different latitude.

This project, far from being designed for human beings, is designed to take care of its inhabitants: a variety of plants, ferns, palm trees, orchids, mosses, small trees and some insects that have found their new habitat in this controlled atmosphere.


After years of self-taught learning, I decided to enroll in an architectural visualization course to strengthen my knowledge, and this project, inspired by the architecture of the Chilean Max Núñez, was the result of the final project.

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