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My journey in the land's of CGI

My journey in the land's of CGI

by Ether on 24 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

This entry showcases projects I developed during my first year at ESMA, a VFX school. Additionally, you will also find some personal projects and game art that I worked on before attending the school.

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The initial undertaking of the year was to design a scene utilizing basic primitives. I aimed to elicit a sense of awe and amazement by using toys that would resonate with young childrens.

For a lighting school project, we were required to recreate a commercial shot of a perfume one on one. The second image serves as the reference for my reproduction.

In a modeling class, we had to reproduce a shoe, and I chose a pair of Nike skateboarding shoes. I'm excited to texture it during the holidays.

In a modeling class, we had to reproduce a tire and a rim, and I chose a Audi Q8 22inch rim. 

As part of another school project on lighting, we were asked to create two images centered around a movement. My intention was to narrate the story of a man starting his business in the creation of mechanical keyboards.

Prior to enrolling in Esma, I made the decision to take an online class in order to enhance my understanding of hardsurface modeling in Maya. I followed Elementza's tutorials and modelised the bike by following his lessons.

Some Stylised Zbrush sculpt I made during my free time to tryout the Michael "Orb" Vicente pack brush.

These holidays, I had the chance to visit the Louvre museum in Paris. I came across an Olifant and fell in love with it. So I decided to model it when I got home.

The goal here was to create a highly detailed hero prop following the workflow of Neil Houari.

I gain a lot of experience from doing this weapon during my freetime. Made with the help of the incredible Tutorials of Tim Bergholz

Here is my take on the Bone Gun concept made by the talented Becca Hallstedt.

Vinilla Walk cycle - 25 frames.

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