Journey with UE5

Journey with UE5

Adityavikram M Joshi
by AdityamJoshi on 1 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

A Journal of the work produced by myself, using 3D softwares. I enjoy creating photorealistic, fun environments and props, with current workflows in Unreal Engine.

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Hobs Den

Hobs Den is my very first personal projects done using UE5. The environment is based on my own interpretation of the early 20's carpenter house.

With this project, I wanted to challenge myself into creating a project fully from scratch, from start to finish on my own terms but with the goal of it being optimized to run on mobile devices. Before this project, my first shot was at creating The Great Mosque which was my very first attempt at creating a playable 3D environment using UE4. From there, It just motivated me to keep learning and improving my skills in creating environments.

Throughout all of my projects, I keep modularity in mind and make lego pieces to build up the entire environment. On top of that, I play around with shaders and different types of materials to blend them together, allowing the breakage of repetitive behaviour.

Modular Kit with a few props used in the scene

Astronomers House

For my second project, I wanted to give a 2nd attempt at creating a diorama based on the skills that have been polished since the last time I attempted to create a diorama.  

This time, I chose to follow the concept of Daniel Van Leeuwen who back in 2012, had sketched out an interesting art piece that represented a nice cozy, wooden/sci-fi age feel that really caught my attention and inspired me to replicate in 3D

The most challenging thing about this environment was the time constraint. The entire thing I had to work efficiently and smart, in order to deliver quality over quantity.

Rush Hour

For the project, The sole focus was on the VFX and the Cinematography for the project, all the assets are taken from other artists work available online and I reworkedand textured these models in order prepare them for set dressing inside UE5. The idea behind creating this art piece came from the love for adrenaline rush that would always be felt when playing games such as Forza Horizon, Need For Speed and movies like Fast and Furious. Hence I chose to acquire one of the most beautiful super car, for my small animation, La Voiture Noire

The entire goal behind the project was to learn the art of creating visual effects and upgrading my existing abilities in utilizing the sequencer inside Unreal Engine for creating cinematics, and also learning to better use the post processing and video editing using Da Vinci Resolve.

Mouton Bordeux 1918 Wine Bottles

For this project, I wanted to take something that was easy to model and challenging to texture. I chose to go with a pair of old wine bottles that had some intricate weathering on it due to external factors.

It was truly a challenge ill revisit often in future as it profits me in improving my texturing skills.

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