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Jimmy Jiang - 3D Environment Art Collection

Jimmy Jiang - 3D Environment Art Collection

Jimmy Jiang
by Quillion on 28 Apr 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

This showcases a series of 3D environments that I have developed from March 2022 until now, showing my journey and my growth over the past year. Through these works, I have demonstrated my proficiency in modeling, texturing, sculpting, and in-engine implementation within Unreal Engine 5.

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Dionysus The Hidden Temple

This is my most recent project utilizing Unreal Engine 5 and I decided that I really wanted to work on a stylized night time scene. I wanted to challenge myself and push my lighting and skills in producing my own foliage.

I made the foliage textures for the trees, ivy and grass within Photoshop. Alongside the foliage, this project gave me an opportunity to try some new things, like combining a PBR and hand-painted workflow, creating landscapes in Houdini and practicing my stylized Substance Designer materials.

I also had an chance to play around with making VFX which was an area I haven't touched much before!

It's a project based off this beautiful concept art created by Geoffrey Bertrand-Gerbaud.

Progress Shots:

Learning how to construct a night-time scene was an surprisingly difficult task, but it was fun doing it with Lumen's GI. I utilized point lights to try and guide the players eye towards the most important areas and get some edge highlights on some of my more detailed assets.

To The Fair

My project To The Fair was created using Unreal 5 and heavily inspired by Klaus Pillon's work of the same name. It was a project that I had put aside during the summer and was excited to finally pick up again.

The models were all created using Maya and ZBrush, and textured using either Substance Painter or Designer. It was a great exercise in using trim sheets as well. I set out to challenge myself by creating better tiling materials using Substance Designer and to improve my material definition. Additionally, I wanted to focus on creating a strong sense of environmental storytelling within the scene, especially using megascan foliage to support the rest of my scene.

Progress Shots:

Engineer's Bedroom

The Engineer's Bedroom was my first project of my senior year, an intricate sci-fi interior scene I created in Unreal Engine. I drew inspiration from a captivating concept art by Daniel Romanovsky and set myself ambitious goals for this project.

I aimed to push my skills in modeling and texturing while also exploring new tools and techniques, such as Marvelous Designer and photogrammetry. Through this project, I was able to hone my abilities in creating intricate and detailed scenes in Unreal Engine 5.

Progress Shots:

Thanks for taking your time to look through my work!

Here's a link over to my Artstation and LinkedIn

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