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MNEMONIC - animated short film (2022)

MNEMONIC - animated short film (2022)

what If there was a world without a sun?

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This project was created as part of the curriculum at the Animation Institute of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. In a team we had the task to develop a short film and an associated game, where the focus was on the development of an IP.

In the world we invented, the sun is frozen and destroyed by asteroids. Fragments fell to earth, where life has changed drastically since then. Living beengs had to adapt to their cold and dark environment. So did our main character Ivo. The only thing that remained for Ivo are the fragments of the sun, which remind him of the old bright world. He therefore protects what is left, but he is exhausted and one day he becomes inattentive.

Concept Art

Concept art for Ivo and the moth

Concept art for the environment


The sun fragment that Ivo is holding on to plays an important role in the film because it is what "mnemonic" means.  "Mnemonic" is something that is intended to help you remember things.

Rigging & Animation

After doing some test animations, we recorded some references for almost every shot, to which we sticked really close. Stylewise we kept it more realistic and less cartoony because our world is dark and depressiv.

Lighting & Shading

Slide to see how the lighting developed from the first draft to the final shot.


The realtime rendering in Unreal Engie allowed us to leave out the compositing part in the end, which was just convenient for us, since we had only one semester to create the film and the game.


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