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The  Journey of Game Art

The Journey of Game Art

Yuko Hwang
by yellofishcg22 on 30 May 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

Hello! I am Yuko Hwang, a Game Track student at Gnomon School of Visual Effects. I am thrilled to showcase my artwork during studying at Gnomon. Through my coursework, I have honed my skills in Modeling and texturing by creating two environment arts and two character arts. Enjoy the show!

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- Laundromat - 

It was very exciting to create this project. For my my first Unreal Engine project, I gave a shot to make this laundromat environment, since movie scene color combination always attract me. I was a good try to make my own original unreal art.



These are the kits that I modeled and textured myself using Maya and Substance Painter. One of my favorite parts is the white and yellow laundry machine. I also created an animation for the fan to make the interior of the laundromat look richer.

props' icons and source images

I collected these images while taking real-life laundromat photos. The detailed source images make the laundry machines look more realistic.

Laundromat Floor

For the floor, I not only textured it in Designer but also did vertex painting with the water material that I created in Unreal Engine. This allowed me to create a realistic water effect that gives the environment a more immersive feel. I'm proud of the result and I hope you enjoy it too!

- Abandoned Campsite -

This project was created during the Game Creation 2 class with the goal of making an open world scene. I chose this concept because it reminded me of The Last of Us. The most enjoyable part of this project was creating the trees and grass to form the forest. I modeled the main assets, including the VR, tree trunks, and the small green house. To create the forest atmosphere, I used the Ultra Dynamic Sky from the Unreal Marketplace, which helped to capture the overall vibe and add fog to create a blurred, mysterious view in the background. This project was featured on  Best of Term at Gnomon.

The original concebpt from Allison Perry


Main props, Tree and Grass

These are the main props for my forest scene: the models created in ZBrush and Maya, and the textures created in Substance Painter. The car material was created in Substance Designer as a base material. Afterwards, I added more detail to make the car look more worn out, using green moss with the same detail as the tree trunk.

For all foliage, I made 6 trees and some small grass asset in Speed Tree. Then, I applied wind in unreal to animate the leaf. Plus, to make the grass have variable color with in, I adjust it in master material in unreal. 

Car Base Material


While gathering references, I came across The Last of Us 2 trailer. The scene's vibe was exactly what I was going for, so I collected realistic photos and references of the game's environment.

Work Progress

I was struggling with composition as I had finished gathering all the necessary assets. I tried to recreate the original concept art, but it didn't make the environment look attractive. After receiving some advice from my teachers and friends, the environment looks very different. It appears much bigger to explore and makes the whole scene look more lively. Additionally, I used some small props from Bridge Megascan to enhance the overall scene.

- The Duchess - 

This is my second 3D character art piece created during the Character Creation for Games class at Gnomon. This was my first time creating a character for a game pipeline. I chose a different style to challenge my artistic skills. The final render was done in Marmoset.

Concept art from the amazing artist Toraji.


Dress in Marvelous Designer

I created the dress in Marvelous Designer, then imported it into Maya to do retopology. Finally, I sculpted more details onto the dress using ZBrush.

Hair Card

Styling the character's hair proved to be the most challenging part. The character has long hair that extends to her waist, making it difficult to measure in 3D software. With only a few weeks to create the hair card, I opted to use FiberShop as it offered a faster alternative to Xgen. The hair was designed with clumps, curls, and waves to achieve the desired look.

Afterwards, I exported the hair card map into Maya. For each hair, I adjusted the angle and position individually, and added flyaways for additional detail.


The brooch was sculpted using Zbrush and textured with Painter. The center stone was given a marble texture.


I created this wallpaper while studying Texturing and Shading for games at Gnomon. Initially, it was just one part of an assignment for the class, but when I began rendering the character, I saw an opportunity to use this material as a background stage.

First, I downloaded an ornament pattern alpha from to sculpt onto a plane in Zbrush and redesign my own wallpaper. Then, I exported the pattern as a height map to import it into Substance Designer. I used a height map because I wanted the pattern and background to have different colors.


In the top left corner, I drew different color blocks to plan for creating the character. Next, I collected references for the Duchess. I looked up the face model from the actress Ella Purnell. For the costume, I searched for dresses from around the 18th century to find similar patterns to those in the concept. For the jewelry, I found some gold necklace pendants with sculpted detail patterns, since that part needs to be sculpted to achieve the desired look.

- Manga Character - 

I did my first character for Texturing and Shading 2 class  at Gnomon. The original concept is from one of my favorite illustrator sakusya2

For the entire project, I used Zbrush to sculpt the character's body and face. The face has a simple shape without any detailed sculpting, and I then posed the clothing part. In the second part, I imported the body into Marvelous Designer to create the hood. I did all the texturing in Substance Painter. The stickers were all hand-painted in Photoshop to match the original concept as closely as possible.

For the hair, in the beginning, I sculpted the hair piece in Zbrush, but it turned out not look right. Therefore, after I finished the class, the first time I learned Xgen by using spare of time. The initial hair scupte help me lot of to do the xgen. In addition, I adjusted the hoodie texture have more detail. And the here is the final result.

 -   Thank you for taking the time to appreciate my artwork! -

If you want to see my other work. Go follow my IG, and Linkedln, will updated my Artsation soon as well.

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