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Tildes visualizations

Tildes visualizations

Some recent images I created. Scroll down and take a look!

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I have collected some images that I have created recently using what I have learned from my education at yrgo. I am still learning and excited to see what comes next for me. Enjoy!


This was an assignment where we were instructed to take a picture with a camera and use our new knowledge in photomatching to replace an already existing building with a new one. I took a picture of  an apartment complex at Lindholmen in Gothenburg. My goal was to create a more modern and fresh building than the preexisting one. I put together a mood board with the vibe I was going for. A building in a grounded color palette with greenery and rustic materials. My idea was also that the apartments get more luxurious the further up you go and there is a rooftop garden. 

My struggles with this project was finding the right materials for each part. Since the building is split into 3 parts you want to see the separation but still want them to feel coherent. After a lot of trial and error I decided on having brick on the 2 bottom parts but in different colors and wood on the top floors that went in the same color scheme as the red to not make it pop to much. For me this was a good balance.

The building was modeled in 3ds max and the image was edited in photoshop to make it blend into the background picture more seamless. 

Programs used: 3ds max, Photoshop


Visualizations of a home that needed some redecorating. I took inspiration from the new england style and wanted the home to look fresh but still homey and not too new-looking. Using white wood panel on the walls to create some structure on the walls while maintaining the light and airy feel of the high ceiling room. 

I modelled the kitchen, the fireplace and the string shelf. The rest were assets mainly from chaos corona. 

Programs used: 3ds max, photoshop.


Classic apartments in Sweden. The exteriors consisting of falu red wooden facades and red brick, visualized on a pleasant summer day. This was a project myself and @hannavisuals worked on together. Hanna worked mainly on the exterior materials whereas I worked on the surroundings and created the wooden terass. 

Programs used: 3ds max, photoshop.


This project was my first try at animating in unreal engine. Two rooms were created quickly in 3ds max to use specifically for this project. I'm definitely still learning how to operate unreal engine but it was a fun project! I also got to edit the animation with music and text in premiere pro which was something new and exiting as well. 

Programs used: 3ds max, Unreal engine, Premiere pro


A patio with a sauna, pergola, outside kitchen and adjustable glass railing modelled using 3ds max. This project was a collaboration with @hannavisuals. I modelled the kitchen and the glass railing and Hanna modelled the inside of the sauna. Together we edited and polished the pictures together. 

Programs used: 3ds max, Photoshop

Modern House

A newly built modern house by a hill using wood and brick materials. The idea was to have the bottom floor be a private and calm area and the upstairs a light and fun area for socializing. In this project I experimented with placing both 3d and 2d people. I realized that 3d people were very easy to use and looked good if put far away and not seeing the faces. The people closer to the camera were 2d and placed using photoshop. 

Programs used: 3ds max, Photoshop

Westcoast apartment and garage

A building by the swedish westcoast with a garage on the bottom floor with an apartment on top. The garage is intended for storing the boats during the winter season. The facade was a real problem to get right. This was before I figured out you could use floor generator on the walls so I tried many different ways. I ended up using a material from coronas library and changing the color and the material settings. The structure of the material came out quite strange so I ended up editing it in photoshop using the clone tool to clone the good planks. This took a very long time. It did not come out perfect but now I know how not to do it in the future :)

Programs used: 3ds max, Photoshop

Thank you!

I appreciate you for checking out my entry. I'm looking forward to learning and growing in the field of architectural visualization. Excited to see what awaits after I graduate from Yrgo and move on into the work life :) 

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