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Aryya Dey
by 07Aryya3dartist on 20 Mar 2023 for Autodesk - RIG.B

Hawkeye is an extraordinary robot who works for the benefit of mankind. Hawkeye is my entry in the Texturing category of this challenge.

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Update - 11 Apr 2023

Final Submission

Here is my final submission for this contest. I have a breakdown of all my work below. First I started with my all final renders. For This renders i create a setup with basic 3 point lighting . I used a black camo texture  along with red, iron, glass and emission material. for texturing i used substance 3d painter for rendering i used ue 5.this all renders res is HD. my pc doesn't support 4k. for posing i used autodesk maya.

Here is some close shots of my model and texturing..

Here is some baking process of my texture and model.

This is a low poly model. so i completely do a low poly work. i add some height details on it,then i export the normal map as a texture ,then i import it again and bake the  world space normals ,AO and curvature. then i started my texturing process. most of the texturing i do with procedural technique but some areas i hand paint it. i did n't used rust so much , basically I'm using dust and edgewears for my subtle details.


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Update - 8 Apr 2023

Last Update Before Final Submission

I Added a Black Camouflage, emission and subtle details. 

Update - 31 Mar 2023

Lighting Test:

After many trails and errors i came up with 3 scenes with different lightings. because A good lighting has the ability to bring out quality of textures. after lighting my scene again i'm confused with my mesh's base color. because I feel something is missing . again i have to study with my colors. Now I will start working on my texture and complete it.

Scene 1. Turn Table setup.

I tried to keep this scene a little bright. So that all kinds of fine details can be observed very well

Scene 2 . Random Scene

This scene is just for cinematic lights and rendering.. 

This scene is for composition and i reveal it later.

Update - 30 Mar 2023

Lighting And Posing Test : Need Feedback On Lighting

This scene isfor my turntable animation. lighting almost final for this scene.textures are not final. after completion of my lighting i will jump into subtle details of texturing.

Which one is good? there is a difference in bg ambient lighting.

Here Is my second scene. where the mesh is in a flying posture. this is not the final. i want to add some bg elements on to this.What should I do to improve my lighting?

Update - 27 Mar 2023

I finally came to a decision

I want to go ahead with the combination of red and black color.

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Update - 26 Mar 2023

Finally find the Starting point

Through various trials and errors for 2-3 days and And after trying many color combinations i found the staring point. There are two color combination i like most. Between these two color combinations my choice is very problematic as to which one I will do finalize.  here is some pictures of my base materials.

Burn still effect on the jet

Back View of Both Color Combination

Close Face Images. If you Zoomed in you can see the throat patterns. 

Bag texture

Now I will decide the pose of RIG B model. Then i will start lighting and setup the scene. after established my final scene i will start the subtle details on the model according to the scene. i hope i will finish this project in time.

Update - 20 Mar 2023

Baking Done

after 35 hours of long run, baking process finally complete. now its time for best color selection.. 

Update - 20 Mar 2023

Inspiration Sheet

Here i collect some pictures from internet for my texturing inspiration. Hope i will deliver a good project.