Last Days

Last Days

Marcos Tovar Lubián
by Marcoslubian on 19 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

This is a self-created project with character, environment and props design, for a AAA videogame, set in a radioactive post-apocalyptic future.

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In the mid-2020s, a silent Third World War broke out. At first, it was bacteriological. But as the situation became more obvious, it turned into an armed conflict. Chaos erupted when a bomb shattered the sarcophagus concealing reactor 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, a turning point as radiation once again contaminated the skies over Europe. Gradually, with acid rain and immigration, the world became overcrowded with people contaminated by radiation and little could be done about the problem due to tensions between countries over wars. A short time after the first fallout, both humans and animals began to develop a strange radiation sickness. Bodies became necrotic and just by touching the bare skin, the radiation took over the body. The contaminated were abandoned and disowned, left in areas of extreme contamination.

A movement arose: a paramilitary group attempted to rebuild civilisation, trying to bring order to the chaos. Ghettos protected by walls were created, which worked for a while. But resources soon became scarce and the militia needed more recruits to go on expeditions in search of food and medicine. Around this time, sightings of signs reminiscent of a black angel began. Corpse-like people wandered around the ghettos. These apparitions became more and more frequent. They were the contaminated, also called the "black angels" because of the signs on buildings and roads. Many were still alive and in an organised manner they acted as a guerrilla group to steal food, medicine, weapons and anything else they could.

Thus, chaos erupted again and the ghettos were no longer safe. The militia began to schedule evacuations to more habitable places, trying to move the survivors to new shelters. The contaminated took advantage of these relocations to loot the ghettos. As a result of the disease, many were contaminated on contact with them, which meant a painful death or conversion into a black angel, prolonging their lives a little longer, but seeing the body progressively rotting away.

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