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FADY is a graduation short film directed by ArtFX students : Falinirina RAKOTOSON, Jean-Baptiste OLLIVIER, Remy VU, Jingwan MA, Pawan RANDIVE, Ahmed HASSANIN and Husain ENGINEERINGWALA.

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In the region of Mananjary in eastern Madagascar, having twins is a taboo that brings a curse, also called the Fady. As a mother prepares to abandon her newborns, an old man tells her the legend and the fate of the twins Pily and Fanany.

Our pre-production was an essential step through the whole process. You will find below the main keyframes and concepts that helped us to match our artistic direction.

Early researches and development ..

Families, friends, teachers, ... all of you !

We want to express our gratitude to everyone involved in that fantastic project.
It was quite a journey and we hope that sharing our adventure was as great as it was for us to live it !

Veloma ô ! 

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