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Siew Jia Huey 3D Modeling Showcase | Rookie Awards 2023

Siew Jia Huey 3D Modeling Showcase | Rookie Awards 2023

Siew Jia Huey
by mhanamerex on 10 Mar 2023 for Rookie Awards 2023

My submission for the Rookie Awards 2023. A Compilation showcase of my 3D modeling works as a animation/game development student from mid 2022 to the present.

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Hi there! Welcome to my submission for this year's Rookie Awards. My name is Siew Jia Huey and I'm a 3D Modeler and Texture artist from Malaysia. (Recent graduate from The One Academy, Malaysia). I love doing 3D characters and creatures while also able to branch out to do props/environment modeling as well. Since this year's rookie awards will be the last one I'll be able to participate in I've decided why not go out in the biggest way possible, by showcasing all of my works that were done since mid 2022 to now! Creatures, characters, props, weapons, environments, hold on to your seats this will be a long one.

Let's start off with my most recent work

Clicker | The Last Of Us Fan Art

Both The Last of Us part one and part two by Naughty Dog is my all time favorite games ever released and when the new HBO series came out it felt like I was experiencing the story for the first time again and it inspired me to create the most iconic infected from the series as a personal piece. It was definitely a fun one to do in such a short time while also practicing and testing out different methods of creature modeling.

The final model is made up of two 4k maps and two 1k maps to try to bring out as much details as possible while not going overboard on the number of maps used.

Maps used/Marmoset baking and topology viewer

and here are some of the views of the sculpts in zbrush

Moving on to the next project, which is also a creature

The Mutated Cleric (Real-time Creature Render)

A Personal Project, the mutated Cleric which was based on a concept by the artist Bogdan Rezunenko on Artstation. At the time I was trying out some creature modeling and also optimizing UV's and textures to get the most amount of details without using too many high resolution maps. Final maps used in total was one 4k map and three 2k maps.

And last of my character works for now

Kratos | God Of War Fan Art

At the time this was and old project that was on hold for a long time while I was focusing on my studies and decided to finally finish it up and to also practice some character modeling and texturing techniques. Had a lot of fun experimenting with skin shaders and hair guide setups and to finally create my own take on Kratos just in time before the launch of God of War Ragnarök!

(While not the most polycount optimized model i've done since it was picked back up halfway, all final maps are in 2k)

Breakdown and topology/baking viewer

Overall process and workflow of the project

Alright enough characters and creatures for now, let's move on to some Props/Weapon modeling shall we?

First up 

Lookout-Bot (Real-time Asset Render)

This project is when I decided to try modeling out a concept that I did a while back during previous year's concept art class while also practicing some hard surface modeling methods.

All textures used are in 2k.

Up next, is a weapon modeling project

Sci-Fi Handgun (Hard surface Modeling)

This was a hardsurface and weapon practice piece did to test out and get familiar with the redshift render engine based on a concept by Bruce Yu on artstation. I tried to optimize the topology and the number of tris of the model while also tried to get the most amount of details out of a single 2k map

Some of the wireframe views

And lastly, an environment piece which is also one of my favorite piece I've worked on

Post-Apocalyptic Abandoned Train Station (Unreal Engine 5 Real-Time Render)

At the time, I decided to dip my toes into some new softwares like unreal engine and speedtree. Had a blast learning how to optimize a scene for games, create trim sheets, create modular assets, baking details/lighting and also playing around with lumen! All assets in scene are a mixture of 1k, 2k and 4k textures and real time game view is around 80 to 100fps with lumen enabled and 60 to 80 fps with the wind simulations of the plants. *Original Concept art by Zhexi Hu on artstation*

Original concept art by zhexi on artstation with the final scene side by side

Process of the scene

Modular pillar created and used in scene, Final wireframe and polycount of the scene with the assets created

Alright, that's all for my work showcase! It's been a blast being a student, learning new things and creating/bringing concepts to life. Figuring out new ways and techniques of game development optimization and finally doing things that I'm passionate about was an absolute treat and while I might be in the industry soon, I know that this is just the start of the learning process and I can't wait to see what's out there. And to everyone that took the time to look through my works, thank you!

 And good luck to everyone that is submitting for this year's rookie awards, can't wait to see what amazing works everyone else had been cooking up!

If you want to check out more of my works or just get to know me you can head on over to my Artstation, lv.80, and LinkedIn for more info.

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