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RIG.B Texture - Cleopha / "War Daddy"
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RIG.B Texture - Cleopha / "War Daddy"

Arthur Monteil
by Cleopha on 10 Jan 2023 for Autodesk - RIG.B

Have you seen the film "Fury" ? The whole universe of this film gives off a heavy and dirty atmosphere that allowing us to introduce ourselves into the hard reality of a true battlefield.

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Update - 1 Feb 2023

Since the last update I decided to not work on the robot to take a step back. I known that I have many points to improve but I didn't really know which ones, and how.This allowed me to had a bigger field of view and so I added some little color variations to add a little bit of life and delete this "flat" side that we could feel on some parts. I tried to manage the height and add roughness variations too.

I still want to improve this project, so I probably gonna find a lots of new references for details and texture.

I only used Substance Painter for now, but I try to find a way to use Substance Designer because I think it's a good way to improve my skills.

I'm also thinking about making a little background environnement to help the storytelling. 

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Update - 13 Jan 2023

This is a new step in the texture work I’m doing on this robot. I corrected some of the previous version’s flaws, improved some aspects and added new details.

I took the opportunity to give him a name "War Daddy", I thought it fit him well!

Update - 11 Jan 2023

These are the first texture tests I’ve done. I want to make sure I have a consistent and realistic basis so I tried not to go into too much detail at this point. I just made basic materials with a few details to realize what it could make. I thought I would do several tests with different colors or different materials but I am satisfied with this rendering so I think I’ll stick to it!

Update - 10 Jan 2023

To begin, I did some moodboards to determine which direction I wanted to head in. I found different robot concepts as well as textures and color palettes to guide me in my work. I decided to lead in a military spirit in the style of World War II.