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Eggy - Robot Challenge
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Eggy - Robot Challenge

Here is a 'lil cute robot called Eggy. He loves his family so much ! There is no other robot to take care of a family than Eggy. And nobody makes eggs on the morning better than Eggy.

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Update - 25 Nov 2022

I finally done my final render ! I did the toys for the scene by myself with Maya and substance painter. I also did a bit of material texture for the ground on Unreal Engine 5. Kinda happy with the result of this cute scene ^o^

Thanks to The Rookies for this opportunity with this contest, and I wish everyone a good luck with this one ! 

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Update - 25 Nov 2022

Here are some of my renders for this contest. I used Unreal Engine 5.0 to render it. Hope you like it !

UVs maps + baked textures from Substance Painter.

A 'lil turntable for the 'lil cute robot.

Update - 24 Nov 2022

Then I did the bake on substance painter and I just finished the texturing part.

I finished the sculpt of my robot yesterday evening and did some adjustments on the low poly and uvs.

Update - 23 Nov 2022

Then I did the block out of the robot on Maya and currently finishin the hands block out on zbrush.

Hello ! 

Even if there are only 3 days left, I decided to challenge myself and do this contest. So today I did the concept of my cute robot on photoshop.