First aid helper drone
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First aid helper drone

This was a project I created last year, during my first year of university. I was tasked to create a robot drone, and I chose to make a first aid battlefield drone that would float around war zones, delivering medicinal aid to soldiers.

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Update - 21 Nov 2022

This is a project I did for my first year in university, where I created a drone robot that would be employed in warzones, delivering medicinal aid to soldiers on the battlefield. 

My initial idea was inspired by the peristaltic movement of a jellyfish and I wanted to create a sturdy, bulletproof drone that would also move gracefully through a battle. I drew some of my ideas from the 'Aquajelly', an autonomously controlled robot jellyfish that moves through water, made by the tech company Festo. 

My final vision was a friendly but hardy robot drone that would float around gracefully, delivering health packs and valuable medicinal aid, while remaining unbothered by bullets and surrounding chaos, always maintaining a friendly smile on its LED screen. 

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