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Bartholomew III - The Robot
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Bartholomew III - The Robot

A cute robot with a bold and over the top personality!

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Update - 23 Nov 2022

Bartholomew III - The Robot

It's finally finished! I'm really happy to have taken part in this challenge, because I think I really learned a lot even in areas in which I don't have too much experience.

The biggest challenge I think was to adapt everything I was doing to the basic concept and idea: a cute robot with a bold and over the top personality.

I think I succeeded! The modeling, done in Maya, shows objects that are really too big for him such as the cloak and the mace that bring out his self-centeredness, and with the textures I tried to experiment with bright and colorful materials that recall his desire to appear.

Thanks to the Rookies and Adobe 3D Painter for hosting this challenge. It's always fun to try something so challenging , and now I have another cool model to add to my portfolio.

Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone! 

Final Render:

More shots:

Wireframe and Lambert:


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Update - 22 Nov 2022

Lamber first render and Scene set up:


Update - 17 Nov 2022

Bartholomew III - The Robot

Modeling and pose done:


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